how it all started

creativity from diversity

Fierce Beer founders Dave Grant and David McHardy are both Oil and Gas veterans.  After falling out of love with the corporate world, they first met during Brewing Technology training in Sunderland and decided to follow their dreams - to open a microbrewery and make great beer!

On 1st April 2016 they moved into the brewery premises.  Equipment was delivered and installed, and the inaugural brew took place on 3rd May 2016.  

Born March 2013
We are Fierce

Finding our style

At FIERCE, we like strong, bold 'in your face' flavours - so we developed a range of beers that deliver on that promise.

We also are keen gastronauts, and we think that our beers pair really well with food.  Check out the food pairing recommendations with each beer style. 

We split our range into four key areas:

  • Hoppy.  Pale ales and IPAs that are hop forward and hop flavoured.
  • Fruity.  Pale ales loaded with fruit purees, and sour beers that will pucker the palate
  • Dark. Stouts and Porters with adjuncts like spices, coffee, nuts
  • Seasonals. (aka crazy sh*t). Look out for ginger, habanero, wombat (ok, no wombat)

We believe in Flavour, Quality, Provenance. 

Fierce Beer Dinner
Great Ingredients

Maximum flavour

To get maximum flavour in our beer, we only use natural stuff. We also source local ingredients wherever possible. Flavour is added throughout our brewing process. In every step, from the kettle to the fermentation tanks and conditioning vessels. Continual flavour loading, and lots of it.

We don't pasteurise our beer or use nasty fining chemicals, so our beers are suitable for vegetarians

Doing all this ensures that none of those flavour molecules try to make a break for it. 
Those little guys are all for you!

Great Ingredients
RateBeer Awards 2017​

​Best New Scottish Brewery!

JAN 30, 2017 - The top beers, brewers and new brewers listed by country according to reviews taken last year and weighted by performance within and outside of style, balanced by indicators of depth. The winners here are presented by country of origin and reflect the top performing brewers of all of those listed at RateBeer.

Medallion Sm