The Brewery Team

Fierce HQ Family

Our team at Fierce HQ works incredibly hard to ensure we get as much flavour into our beer and get it to you as fresh as humanly possible!

Dave Grant & Dave McHardy - Managing Director & Operations Director
The masterminds behind Fierce Beer - whether it's our core range or new small batch beers these are the men responsible for making sure everything is tasting the way it should be!

Hazel Meehan - Brewery Operations Manager 
Hazel is responsible for the smooth operation of every part of our production here at the brewery - from making sure all raw ingredients are sourced, to ensuring production schedules are reflective of demand right through to packaging and making sure only the best possible beer leaves the brewery!

Anel Kaiser - Financial Controller 
Anel ensures the financial well-being of Fierce Beer going forward and makes sure we can continue to grow in a safe and sustainable way! 

Jana Lorencova - Operations & Logistics 
Our Warehouse Fairy is the person behind procuring all the ingredients and materials to get these tasty beers made and packaged to the highest standard. Rumours are she's a demon on the old pallet truck.

Louise Grant - Sales Manager 
The queen of sales! Literally, just sell's, sell's, sell's. With customer service at the core of everything she does, she's always working hard to build relationships with our amazing customers whether they're new or old.

Craig Cargill - Digital Sales & Marketing 
Takes care of all things on the web - From social media to the webshop, he's the person making sure everyone knows about Fierce beers online.

Kirsty Cameron - Taproom & Events Manager
Whether it's representing Fierce at events right through to looking after you in our epic upcoming taproom she's got you covered!

Emma Taylor - Sales Assistant 
The latest addition to our sales team! Emma works with all online sales both near and far, making sure all our beer is getting where it needs to be and when

Liam McRobb - Production Coordinator
Liam makes sure our production and packaging team has everything they need to make our amazing beer! Malt, hops, labels, boxes, you need it Liam's got it! 

Victoria Ritchie - Brewer
Vic is an experienced member of our brewing team here at Fierce HQ. She has a huge knowledge of all things brewing and is a cracking forklift driver too!

Neil Stirton - Brewer 
Neil is the longest-serving member of our brewing team. He is an expert when it comes to all our core recipes and brews some incredible small batch bangers too!

Roy Mannal - Packaging Specialist 
The Vin Diesel of forklifts, the canning line whisperer. Roy oversees all the packaging at Fierce HQ. He makes sure all our beer is packed to an incredibly high standard and that you receive it in perfect condition!

Gary Lamont - Packaging Assistant 
Gary was an avid Fierce fan before joining our team earlier this year, so he is well versed in all things Fierce Beer. Now he is a key member of our packaging team!

Daniel Probyn - Production Assistant 
Daniel is the latest member of our Fierce HQ team! With a background in brewing and distilling at university, Daniel is right at home assisting our entire production process!

Dek Riley - Delivery Specialist
If you order from Fierce in Aberdeen you'll be familiar with Big Dek. Our delivery driver is always out and about dropping off for all our stockists in the North East. If you are needing some Fierce, Dek is the man who will get it to you!