About Us


Founded in May 2016 Fierce is Aberdeens first micro-brewery!

At Fierce we make great, flavour packed beers. From pilsners, hop bombs & fruity sensations right through to barrel aged stouts, sours & mixed fermentation brews. 

We also make our own Gin, Rum and Scottish Agave (Mezcal) too...

Capacity has grown rapidly since we started brewing in our kitchen back in 2016 and we are now capable of brewing 800,000 litres of beer a year and exporting to 15 countries......and counting!

We also have our own bars in Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Manchester so if your nearby make sure to pop in and be looked after by our incredible staff! 

If you are interested in stocking our beers or require more information then please contact our sales team at sales@fiercebeer.com 





We make really flavour packed and memorable beers. We have eye-catching marketing, labelling and a great logo that is instantly recognisable.

We have split our beer into 4 categories:

  • Hop Forward

From light pale ales, through west and East coast IPAs. Packed with complex hop flavours.

  • Fruity and Sour

Created using only the finest natural ingredients - from the smooth and creamy, to the lip-smacking and mouth-puckering sour

  • Stouts and Porters

Stouts and Porters provide a rich malty backdrop to add some great ingredients into to make world class brews

  • Seasonals and Specials

We love experimenting, and also collaborating.  These beers are cutting edge and limited availability.


We don’t make boring beer. Our beers are totally packed with flavour. We are passionate about provenance too, so we use local ingredients, services and equipment where possible.

We are pretty ambitious, but we also recognise the huge importance of great personal service. We love our #FierceFamily – and try our best to look after them well


Our capacity has grown rapidly since we started, and we are now capable of brewing up to 800,000 litres of beer per annum.

We care most of all about beer quality, so we have in-house lab equipment. We also insist on performing all processes from start to finish in-house – so we bought our own canning machine. This ensures that our beer quality is the very best – from day 1 right though the life of the beer.


At Fierce HQ we are collaborating with amazing breweries to create an exciting new single hop series. 10 different breweries, 10 different hops and styles!

2019 brings a mixed Fermintation project lots of beer ageing in barrels with wild yeast, lovingly created by Do (known to us as the Ferminator). These will be release in August 500ml in bottles. The first batches are all collaborations with Siren, Yeastie Boyz, & Kirkstall.

We will continue to look at opportunities to have our beers exported overseas with 15 countries already in the pocket we would love to have more!

We are looking longer term at moving the brewery to another site in Aberdeen where we can open a real City attraction – a brewery/taproom/restaurant/venue for private functions for a full on Fierce experience.