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Brewer Vacancy

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We are on the search for an experienced brewer to join us in our new site and help us take Fierce Beer to the next level as we move forward with our planned growth in 2023and beyond.

Your key responsibilities will include but not be limited to : 

1. Preparation of all equipment and ingredients necessary for brewing
2. Operating the brewhouse ensuring the recipe is being followed accordingly and accurately and that beers are transferred safely and hygienically to fermenting vessel
3. Maintaining the brewhouse and other equipment to an extremely high standard of cleanliness and hygiene
4. Routine maintenance of brewhouse and fermenting equipment as required

Cellaring & Laboratory
5. Monitoring of beer during fermentation and conditioning phases
6. Addition of cold side ingredients and process aids according to the recipe, with close attention to sterility and oxygen pickup
7. Perform laboratory work for yeast counts/viabilities and other quality assurance testing

Quality & Compliance
8. Completion of brewsheets and records as required on schedule
9. Assessing the quality of the brew throughout the brewing process, both empirical and sensory
10. Maintaining safety and hygiene records throughout the brewery
11. Demonstrate a philosophy of continual improvement, constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and quality. 

Please note that experience in a similar role with a formal brewing education at Degree or Masters level is essential for this role.

To apply please download and follow the instructions on the application form from the links below

Download Fierce Beer Job Application Form

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