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Come meet our new faces!

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Its been a while since we've done anything team related so we'd like to make up for it by introducing you to not one, but two new faces of the #fiercefamiy! 

Hazel & Anel have both recently joined the team in key roles that we have created in order to help us move Fierce Beer to the next level of our growth!

Up first we have Hazel - Keen home brewer/mountaineer/cyclist + all round outdoor lover Hazel has joined us as Brewery Operations Manager after spending the last 15 years in the oil industry! Within her new role Hazel is responsible for the smooth operation of every part of our production here at the brewery - from making sure all raw ingredients are sourced, to ensuring production schedules are reflective of demand right through to packaging and making sure only the best possible beer leaves the brewery! 

The second new face we have in the #fiercefamily is Anel - Avid traveller/reader/wine lover + full time mum Anel has come on board as our Financial Controller! Coming in with a strong background in financial management Anel will be responsible for ensuring the financial wellbeing of Fierce Beer going forward and to make sure we can continue to grow in a safe and sustainable way! 

We hope you're as excited as we are to welcome Hazel and Anel to the team! 

Team Fierce 



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