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Taproom Update

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We think it's about time we provided our Fierce Family with an update regarding our upcoming Fierce Beer Taproom.

It has been 6 months of hard work, rigorous planning and a lot of back and forward. Sadly, however, it has become clear that our Taproom won't be able to open in 2022.

We are extremely sorry to everyone who has been waiting and we have been doing our very best to get all the pieces in place for us to open this year, but due to circumstances out of our control, we will be delayed until 2023.

This is obviously very frustrating for us as we want to be able to fulfil all the rewards owed to our amazing customers who pledged in our crowdfunder. We can't wait to get all our Fierce Family out to the new site for their tours, tastings and brew days and we are confident that come MARCH 2023 we will be up and running.

Since the beginnings of Fierce Beer, we have always had aspirations to open our own taproom and we want it to be the very best it can possibly be as a thank you to everyone who pledged in our crowdfunder to make it a reality. We will be taking this extra time to perfect all the details and make this the Fierce Beer experience our customers deserve.

If you pledged to our crowdfunder then please keep an eye on your emails for a more in-depth update on your tours, tastings and brew days.

Team Fierce

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