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Our 5th Birthday Beers

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Would you believe that we’re celebrating our 5th birthday this May? Yeah, we can’t quite believe it either.  It feels like only yesterday we were scurrying about, making Ginja Ninja for our first ever customer!
So let's celebrate with some amazing beers…..
We have brewed not 1, not 2, but 6 epic beers to celebrate the milestone! We have delved into our back catalogue to rebrew some variations of our most loved collaborations with our favourite breweries from over the years, and also brewed some totally new beers that we’re sure will become firm favourites! 
This set of beers not only pays homage to the last 5 years of Fierce but will make you excited for the next 5! 
Inside the set we’ve got :

‘Very Big Flapjack’ - Brewed with our pals at Brew York, this beast is similar to a Barley wine, but had a huge amount of oats in there, giving a smooth, soft body. Add to that some caramelly syrupiness and BOOM - Very Big Flapjack

‘Imperial Orange Scream’ - Originally brewed with our pals at Amundsen in Oslo, this time we've dialed the orange and vanilla up to 11, creating a beer that transports you back to childhood days, sitting on the beach with an orange and vanilla ice lolly. Smooth, decadent, and refreshing.

‘Very Big Chomp’ - This is a huge - and we mean seriously huge - imperial stout that has massively decadent levels of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla. One sip will transport you back to your school tuck shop days.

‘Lots of Nelson’ - Brewed with our antipodean friends at New Zealand Beer Collective, this is an imperial sour brewed with grape juice and A LOT of NZ's finest; Nelson Sauvin hops. With a light tartness and a full vinous flavour it packs a really juicy punch.

‘Bourbon Maple VBM’ - Brewed with copious amounts of sweet maple syrup that go toe to toe with the rich vanilla and chocolate stout profiles, this imperial stout then hibernates in bourbon barrels for nine months. Very big, in more ways than one.

‘Emergency Haze’ - Brewed with our Swedish pals at Dugges, this super hazy and juicy Triple IPA has been smashed with Azacca, Kashmir, and Bru-1 hops. Big and full-bodied with a sweet tropical hop hit. In case of emergency - please don't break glass.
We’ve even got some stickers and a tasting notes leaflet going into the box……and whilst stocks last the first few hundred orders will receive a limited edition ‘5 years of fierceness’ pin badge! The set will be £44.95 excluding shipping and as always your investor discount or remaining credit can be used against them! 

These very special and super limited beers will be available only as a set of 6, and exclusively from our online shop.

Pre-sale will open this Friday (19th March) on at approx 10 am and will be shipping out mid/late April with quantities VERY limited. (As these aren't shipping until next month please note that any additional items you add to your order will ship alongside the birthday beers).

When they’re gone then that's it, unfortunately. If you miss out, we truly do apologise that we don’t have more.  

However, If you do miss out and live near our bars we’re planning to have them on tap for our birthday at the beginning of May – so keep your eyes peeled on our bar’s social media accounts for that being announced.
Thanks for your support and understanding. 


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