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New Menu Alert & Hot Wings Challenge!

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New Year, New Munch!

After opening the Fierce Bar Edinburgh kitchen a few months ago, we tried and tested a new menu concept.  Food was excellent, concept wasn't so much, too complicated so we have decided to shake it up.

Working closely with our very talented Chef Chris, he has sourced the best local ingredients to create this menu of deliciousness along with some fun stuff :) The Dessert Burger is to die for!

Fierce Menu A4.pdf

Being Fierce, we are all about challenging the palate with flavour. If you are brave enough, come to Fierce Bar Edinburgh and face the challenge of all challenges, yes you heard right.

Get through a massive 20 Scary Berry wings in under
20 minutes, and win a commemorative Fierce T-Shirt,
your name on our Hall of Fame and a general feeling
of smugness.

Menu launches 31st January, any feedback welcomed.


Love Team Fierce X

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