Fierce Brewing

Meet The Team : Kirsty Cameron

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Name : Kirsty Cameron 
Role : Assistant manager of the Aberdeen bar.
Time with Fierce : Depends. If you count 2020 then 2 years. If not 1 year. 
What do you enjoy most about working at fierce : Being apart of Team Fierce in general, Makes me sound like a superhero. And of course, the beer. 
Favourite Fierce beer blend : A half of Don’t Be Afraid with a pint of Hazy IPA on the side and just alternate between the two. 
Favourite Fierce animal : Late Shift Trash Panda  
Best crisp + beer pairing : Pint of Fierce Pils and a tube of Pringles (any flavour I’m not fussy) 
Favourite beer of all time : I have fond memories of drinking Single Hop Azacca in the sun. 

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