Fierce Brewing

Meet The Team : Ham

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Name : Ham

Role : Sales + Procurement goblin

Time with Fierce : Joined when the First bar was opened and never looked back!

What do you enjoy most about working at fierce : That you’re not just a number, you’re an integral cog in a tiny, but efficient team! Also, you can be sat in a Monday meeting talking about an obscure beer idea and it won’t be laughed out the room. (Other than Battered Mars Bar VBM *cough cough*)

Favourite Fierce beer blend : Café Killer. Cranachan killer and Café Racer. The ultimate Rasporter.

Favourite Fierce animal : Vulture in a gimp mask. Obviously.

Best crisp + beer pairing : Pickled onion monster munch and Heffen Heff. Don’t f%&£ing knock it.

Favourite beer of all time : Weinshtephener

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