Fierce Brewing

Meet The Team : Craig Cargill

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Name : Craig Cargill  
Role : Digital Sales Manager  
Time with Fierce : Joined as GM of the Aberdeen bar in November 2019, before moving on to become bars division manager in August 2020 and them into my current role in Feb 2021!  
What do you enjoy most about working at fierce: Without a shadow of a doubt it’s the Fierce team, after everything that’s happened in the last year it’s been amazing to see what an insanely small but incredibly driven team can achieve when this level of passion is involved. 
Favourite Fierce beer blend : Heavy On The Bourbon + Maple Pancake   
Favourite Fierce animal : Fierce IPA Lion  
Best crisp + beer pairing : The Aberdeen bar staple of Day Shift + salt & vinegar discos takes a lot of beating.  
Favourite beer of all time :  Alesmith Speedway Stout w/ Jamaican blue mountain coffee. 

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