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Since the launch of our gin range at the start of the year we have been striving to push the boundaries of what we can do with spirits. Working in collaboration with the award-winning Distillutions Distillery we have launched two gins - No.1 Distillers Cut and Raspberry - followed by our ever-popular Coffee and Vanilla Rum.

Now, to close out 2019 in style, we are launching our most exciting spirits project to date: Juniper+. The range features eight new gins which use juniper alongside one other botanical to shine a spotlight on the pure flavours found in their base spirit.

The Juniper+ Project is an experimentation in Fierce Flavour and was born out of a desire to discover what was possible in the world of spirits. What if, instead of blending classic gin botanicals at the production stage to create style, we focus on the pure characteristics of only one ingredient? By creating gins using only juniper plus one other botanical you can experience true flavour. Try Juniper+ Gins on their own or blend to create your own flavour. At Fierce Spirits, we believe in quality over quantity which is why we only distil Juniper+ in very small batches.
Each of the eight Juniper+ Gins will be launching at our bars to try or buy in Aberdeen and Edinburgh from Friday 22nd November from our webshop.
The eight gins in the range:
Double Juniper,
Pink Peppercorn,
Kaffir Lime Leaf,
Blood Orange,
Cassia Bark,
Carolina Reaper Chilli.
Dave Grant - Fierce Beer MD:

“We came up with Juniper Plus as an idea when we were working on single varietal hop beers.  Each hop variety brought its own flavour.  Some really worked well on their own, some were best as blends.  So why not try this with gin?

These can be enjoyed either on their own with a mixer of your choice, or even better as an experimental blend. The botanicals we have chosen are all packed with flavour and bring something unique to the party.  I love a blend of Cardamom, Lemongrass and Carolina Reaper. What’s the best way to enjoy Juniper Plus? By experimenting. The botanicals we have chosen are all packed with flavour and bring something unique to the party. Everyone’s favourite blend will be different and that is what is fiercely exciting!”

Aly Mathers - Fierce Spirits Ambassador:

“At the centre of what we are trying to do with Juniper Plus is the desire to push the boundaries of botanical flavour in the gin category. At Fierce, we have always wanted to get as much flavour as possible from the freshest ingredients we can find. And that same ethos was the starting point for this project. What if we make a gin that has a classic juniper backbone at its heart but is as bold and flavourful as some of our beers?

With our other spirits we have always taken inspiration from our beers in some way; whether it’s our Raspberry Gin which shares a flavour profile with our Cranachan Killer Raspberry Pale Ale, or our recent Coffee and Vanilla Rum which mirrors our ever-popular Café Racer Porter; so this is the culmination of that process.”

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