Fierce Brewing

Fierce Michelada

Hot enough for you? Time to break out the FIERCE MICHELADA!

A super easy, classic Mexican beer cocktail concoction. Perfect for this weather ????️???????? Fiery, VERY refreshing and easy AF to put together.

- 1x Fierce Beer Co Pilsner
- 1x teaspoon Singularity Sauce Co. Smokin' Sanchez Hot Sauce
- 1x Grapefruit, zest + juice
- 25ml Fierce Roble agave
- BBQ rub for rim
- Ice

1) Rim your glass with BBQ rub = easy peasy. Rub a slice of grapefruit around the rim of the glass. Sprinkle some of the rub onto a small plate then flip the glass upside down and roll in the rub.

2) Juice and zest the Grapefruit. Throw in the bottom of the glass. Don't have a Grapefruit to hand? Use lime instead. No biggie.

3) Add your tequila.

4) Add a teaspoon of Singularity Smokin' Sanchez sauce to the glass. Feel free to crank the heat up with a splash more, or less if you don't want your Fierce Michelada to be too fiery!

5) Fill glass with ice.

6) Top the glass with Fierce Pilsner.

7) Add a wedge of fruit for Instagram points. Or don't.

8) Get some tacos on the go, kick back, relax and pretend the world isn't ending around you

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