Fierce Brewing

Collabfest 2017 winner

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34 different BrewDog bars across the UK and Europe. Each and every one of our UK Bar teams – and five in Europe – joined forces with a local craft brewery to create a unique beer together. And between Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd October they will be pouring for your enjoyment – so here’s the time when we reveal exactly what those 34 different beers will be.

Aberdeen & Fierce Beer

Very Big Moose (12.0%) Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

Birmingham & Burning Soul

SoulDog IPA (7.0%) IPA

Brighton & Brighton Bier

Dutch Udder (6.5%) Flemish Milk Stout

Bristol & Lost and Grounded

Dig This Well Deep (5.2%) Dunkel Lager

Camden & Brewheadz

Passionate Morning Cuppa (5.0%) Oatmeal, Passionfruit and Green Iced Tea Pale Ale

Cardiff & Crafty Devil

Rock Lobster (5.5%) Vermont IPA with Orange Pulp

Castlegate & Speyside Craft Brewery

Pina Collaba (5.0%) Pina Colada Milkshake IPA

Clapham & Gipsy Hill

Dayman (3.6%) Oatmeal Milk Pale Ale

Clerkenwell & Siren

Cookie Dough (7.5%) Cookie Dough White Stout

DogHouse Merchant City & Up Front Brewing

Das ist Techno Sex (5.4%) Key Lime and Passionfruit Gose

Dundee & 71 Brewing

Collaborator (7.2%) Doppelbock

Edinburgh & Stewart Brewing

Corpse Reviver (5.9%) Kettle Sour Pale with Lactose and Fruit

Glasgow & Fyne Ales & Out of Town

Fountain Mountain (4.4%) Lemon Sherbet Grisette, with Lemons, Citra and Sorachi Ace

Leeds & Ridgeside

FUBARB (4.8%) Rhubarb and Custard Sour

Leicester & Framework

Mango Innit (4.9%) Mango IPA

Liverpool & Black Lodge

The Floor is Java (5.5%) Black Treacle and coffee IPA

Manchester & Track

Higher State IPA (5.5%) Acid Malt IPA

Newcastle & Almasty

Sixteen Letter IPA (7.0%) IPA

North Street Leeds & Northern Monk

Fumin' Lou (6.3%) Gingerbread Ice Cream Brown Ale with Vanilla

Norwich & DEYA Brewing

Are You Taking the Peche (6.5%) Peach Milkshake IPA

Nottingham & Black Iris

Nuclear Nuts (4.2%) Pistachio White Stout

Oxford & Lovibonds

No Smoke Without Sour (5.0%) Sour Cherry Porter

Sheffield & Abbeydale

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy (5.5%) Lemon Curd on Toast Inspired Ale

Shepherd’s Bush & Weird Beard

Bring the Long Night (4.5%) Cocktail Stick Sour Pale

Shoreditch & Affinity Brew Co

There's Saison About Mary (5.2%) Bloody Mary Saison

Soho & Redchurch Urban Farmhouse

Risk: Cherry Stone (6.0%) Cherry Sour

Southampton & Unity

Tango in the Night (6.0%) Black Saison

Stirling & Fallen

Sex out of Reach (5.0%) Peach, Orange and Cranberry Witbier

York & Brew York

Goose Willis (5.3%) Gooseberry Fool inspired Sour Beer

Berlin Mitte & BRLO

Dr Frank's Happy Pils (7.5%) Imperial Pilsner

Gothenburg & Mikrofonbryggeriet

A Guy Called Fudge (6.5%) Juicy IPA

Kungsholmen & Hyllie Bryggeri

Hyllipan (6.5%) Belgian IPA

Malmö & Benchwarmers

Captain Coconut (5.6%) Coconut IPA

Södermalm & Örebro Brygghus

Passion Fur Berlin (3.9%) Passionfruit Berliner Weisse

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