April Events (2017)

April Events (2017)

While our Dave Grant is away to have an amazing time down in Brighton for the Tap Takeover beer festival (31.3 - 2.4.), the rest of the team is working hard on the next month timetable and celebrating our very fist award - North East Scotland Food and Drink Awards 201 in category 'Best Young Business'. 

And young we are! The brand was registered two years ago now, but the actual brewery unites in Dyce are running only for ten months (yes, not even a year in a proper brewery and look at us!) and for that occasion we have all 5 taps (!!!) running in Musa for a whole month of April. How amazing is that? So, along with one of the best meals in town you can also drink our beers, which staff can wisely pair up with your dish. Enjoy! (And you're welcome.)

We have some amazing events and collabs planned and all will be announced soon-ish - so keep your eyes open ;-)

Dirty Sanchez & Dirty Sanchez

1. 4. 

No, it's not April Fools! Louise and Jana will be in JK Fine Foods this Saturday from 11am to 3pm. And they won't be alone. The company is nobody else, but Matthew Pritchard from Ditry Sanchez show! Yes, that's right - not one, but two Dirty Sanchezes under one roof. Our Dirty Sanchez will be on draught along with a Day Shift. Come in to say hi to us and if you've never tried it - you might as well grab a sample of our Sanchez and have a chat with Matt about... well, God knows what...

AGM - #punkagm2017

8. 4.

It wouldn't be April for craft beer geeks without Brewdog's AGM. And we are very excited, because we will be there - presenting! That's right. Nine beers will be on draught and same amount available in bottles for the bars and shop. We will be also holding two tasting sessions. One in the afternoon and one later in the evening.

It's a massive events with almost 8.000 people attending and visiting Aberdeen from all around the world. As Brewdog is getting bigger every year, so is the crowd around it. We are insanely proud to be a part of this all. Full team will be attending, so just look for four walkabouts with Fierce t-shirts and hoodies. Let's have a boozy kind all together! See you in AECC! 

North Hop

14. - 15. 4.

Another great beer event happening in Aberdeen and getting more and more popular every year is North Hop Aberdeen. They are growing in terms of territory as well. It's not only Aberdeen but also Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aviemore. 

We have brewed a special beer for this one as well! We'll keep you posted on that one, don't worry. 

Friday 14 April 2017 - Evening Session - 7pm till 12am
Saturday 15 April 2017 - Afternoon Session - 12pm till 5pm
Saturday 15 April 2017 - Evening Session - 7pm till 12am

Beer Kitchen

27. 4. & 28. 4. 

Two tap takeovers in two different Beer Kitchens! The first one is going to be in Dundee and the second one in Edinburgh.

2 Beer Buds

28. - 29. 4.

A newbie in beer events/festival type of a thing - 2 Beer Buds! aka when two friends decide to make north east of Scotland proud, bigger and better. This time in Peterhead. 

As we've spend so much time in England last month, we have to make it up to you in April. Plus, there are so many events happening and we want to be a part of all that! It would be shame not to be home at all. Soon one van won't be enough!